CLE on Cell Phone Location Evidence for Attorneys

From tracking murder suspects with Facebook Live data – to pointing out mistakes in the state’s location evidence due to bad vector analysis – Eric Grabski will show you how to analyze cell phone location evidence in your legal cases.

eDiscovery Challenges in a SaaS World: Slack, WhatsApp and More.

When it comes to today’s eDiscovery, businesses and attorneys are surprised to find that much of the ESI and data now collected comes from apps and SaaS such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), DropBox, WhatsApp, Slack and many more – instead of traditional data forms such as emails, PDFs and .docs.

New CLE on How to Hire a Forensic Examiner

When hiring a subject matter expert, careful screening is crucial in order to select an expert with superior skills & credibility that will get the best result in front of the judge and jury.

eDiscovery Fundamentals CLE

Despite the increased importance of eDiscovery in today’s legal world many attorneys still don’t even know the basics… what’s ESI??? How do you respond to a litigation hold? What are native files? What is ESI?? If you’re a trial attorney and you don’t know what ESI is… then you need to take this CLE course! In today’s electronic world, being prepared to…

New CLE Course on Avoiding and Obtaining Discovery Sanctions When Dealing with ESI

You’re involved in international litigation representing a local company that sold high tech electronic equipment to an English firm. As soon as discovery starts, the English company claims that four key employees no longer work at the company and they can’t locate their smartphones, laptops and other company devices. With the help of your expert, you eventually realize that all four people…

New CLE: Cell Phone Location Evidence for Lawyers

Your client is arrested for robbery. Like everybody that walks into your office, he claims he didn’t do it. He says he was at the park with his kid at the time of the crime. Wisely, you turn to the information stored on his iPhone to show that he was nowhere near the scene of the crime because you can show that…

What CLE Courses Do YOU Want To See??

We get extremely busy around the end of the year and through January.  This is due to the fact that a number of states have December 31 deadlines and California has a January 31 deadline.  Once we get through our super busy period, then we switch gears and start calendaring more CLE tapings for the new year. Well, it’s that time of…