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New CLE for Trustees to Help Avoid Trust Tax Problems

Attorney Tony De Angelo will teach you about issues and omissions in tax and trust practice that he has seen over the past four decades. These are some of the main issues discussed: errors in dealing with various asset types in trusts, timing of liquidation, frequent errors with U.S. Savings Bonds and problems with tax-exempt assets in Irrevocable Trusts.

New CLE: Preventing Trusts and Estates Malpractice

  If you are in business… you will probably get sued. It’s just a fact in our litigious society. And although the law is a profession, lawyers run business and can also expect to be sued. Legal Malpractice Like most attorneys, you probably feel like there is no way you could ever be sued – until that process server shows up at…

New CLE on Wyoming Private Trust Companies

What is a Private Trust Company? How does it work? What are the advantages of setting up the PTC in Wyoming? Private trust companies have become an increasingly popular estate planning tool for managing dynastic wealth – but is a Private Trust Company a good fit for your clients? What Is a Private Trust Company? A PTC is a state-chartered entity designed…