If you are an Illinois attorney, we have the CLE that you need!  Illinois attorneys must remember to complete the new required hours of Bias & Diversity and Mental Health & Substance Abuse.

Diversity & Inclusion Courses

* Achieving Real Gender Diversity in the Legal Profession

* Bias in the Legal Profession: Culture & Gender

* Breaking Gender Bias: What Legal Organizations Can Do

* Civility & Professionalism: Gender & Culture Bias in the Legal

* Communication Techniques to Improve Gender Diversity

* Ending the Discriminatory Consequences of Age Bias

* Gender Bias in a Non-Binary World

* How Bias Affects Your Decision Making

* How To Be a Culturally Sensitive Professional: Eliminating Bias

* Understanding the Impact of Culture & Gender

This does not change the overall requirement of 30 hours.  You must also complete 4 required hours of Professional Responsibility. You may complete the newly required Bias & Diversity and Mental Health & Substance Abuse through online CLE courses. For more information about CLE in Illinois, please click here: IL CLE.