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California Inverse Condemnation Law – Waterworld

Inverse condemnation in California is a nebulous area of law that involves constitutional claims, tort law and public entity immunity. The case law is murky and in the wake of the recently decided City of Oroville, property owners now face a much tougher road in these cases. California Inverse Condemnation CLE Evan Walker handles inverse condemnation cases in California. In this CLE…

CT CLE: 12 Connecticut CLE Hours by December 31

There is not a formal approval process for CLE courses or providers in Connecticut. If a CLE Provider’s courses have been approved in another state, then those courses are automatically approved in Connecticut. Because Attorney Credits offers MCLE courses in 48 states and we are approved CLE providers across the country, our CLE courses qualify for MCLE credit in Connecticut.

New CLE on Professionalism in Court & Depositions

While we practice in an adversarial legal system, attorneys are still under a duty to conduct themselves in a civil and professional manner. This CLE course will analyze the ethical rules mandating civilized & professional behavior, provide case examples of unprofessional behavior and present some of the unintended consequences of uncivilized behavior.