What is Your Texas CLE Requirement?

Texas CLE Requirements for Attorneys

Every active State Bar of Texas member must complete at least 15 hours accredited CLE during each minimum continuing legal education (MCLE) compliance year. Of the 15 required CLE hours a minimum of 3 hours must be in legal ethics/legal professional responsibility. For newly admitted attorneys or additional information, please see our Texas State Requirements page.

Texas attorneys must take accredited CLE courses by attending MCLE approved activities, such as live seminars and pre-recorded courses. All of Attorney Credits Texas courses are pre-approved, and we provide you with the State Bar of Texas course numbers when you finish each course.

How do I Report Texas CLE?

You must make sure that your Texas CLE is reported to avoid late fees up to $300.00. Attorney Credits automatically reports completed CLE to Texas every Monday. However, you must verify that these courses have been reported because Texas is a self-reporting state. To check your progress or self-report, you can view your transcript online on the My Bar Page on the State Bar of Texas website. If you do not complete your CLE courses before the last Sunday of the month, you must self-report.

Your MCLE Annual Verification Report will be emailed to you 8 weeks prior to your birth month. If you have not completed or reported the minimum 15 hours by the last day of your compliance year, you are automatically given your birth month as a grace period to comply with the TX MCLE requirements. Remember that all your CLE hours must be completed and reported by the last day of your birth month to avoid late compliance fees.

Texas CLE Courses and Resources

Attorney Credits has various affordable TX CLE Compliance Bundles for you to choose from. We even have our own Texas FAQ with common questions. Unlimited Credits is very popular with Texas attorneys, especially our Lifetime Unlimited Plan. If you are new to Attorney Credits, try our 100% risk-free, no credit card required, 7-Day Free Trial.

If you have any questions about your Texas CLE requirements, want help with a TX CLE purchase, or questions about your Attorney Credits account, don’t hesitate to start a chat from our website, or give us a call at 760-434-1885 (Monday – Friday 8 AM PT – 4 PM PT).