California Late Reporting Due By June 30

Group 2 California attorneys (last name H-M) who missed their February 1, 2024, reporting deadline have until June 30 to complete their California Late Reporting. Failure to report by June 30 could result in disbarment and additional fines by the California State Bar.

Attorneys completing their late 2024 credits should make sure that they complete the required mix of specialty credit hours. The total MCLE requirement for your three-year period is 25 credit hours. Of which a minimum of 4 ethics, 1 elimination of bias, 1 implicit bias, and 1 competence issues credit hours are required.

Just A Reminder – The New California MCLE Requirements for the 2025 reporting period and beyond.

California has recently adopted new Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) requirements that begin with attorneys that have a compliance period ending January 31, 2025. Group 1 attorneys, attorneys with last names beginning with A-G are the first to be required to meet the new requirements as your compliance period is 2/1/2022 – 1/31/2025.

The new CA MCLE course requirements are as follows:

Competence Credit (2 hours minimum required):

  • At least one hour (or two if you don’t do wellness) focused on prevention and detection education that address substance use or other mental or physical issues that impair a licensee’s ability to perform legal services with competence (prevention and detection competence); and
  • An optional hour (but not both hours) focused on wellness education, including physical and mental wellness and wellbeing or stress management, in the context of the practice of law and the impact these issues can have on an attorney’s ability to perform legal services with competence (wellness competence).

Technology in the Practice of Law Credit (1 hour required):

  • At least one hour addressing technology in the practice of law, including education on technology tools, programs, or applications to assist attorneys in their law practice.

Civility in the Legal Profession Credit (1 hour required):

  • At least one hour addressing civility in the legal profession, including education that discusses the link between civility and bias, incivility that is directed at opposing parties or counsel, and incivility aimed at the judiciary.

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