Save Your Law Firm Time and Money with Teams by Attorney Credits

Teams by Attorney Credits – Easy CLE For Your Law Firm

If you practice in a law firm with 5 or more attorneys, signing up for a Teams account will save you and your firm both time and money. Large law firms provide their attorneys with free CLE because they know if their attorney isn’t wasting time researching and buying CLE that they can spend their time billing their clients. Just because you don’t work for an AM Law 100 firm doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to get your firm to purchase CLE for you.

Attorney Credits offers the most competitively priced and easy to use website in the CLE field. Other providers charge $200 per attorney per year no matter if they need CLE each year or not. At Attorney Credits we charge by credit hour, so that you aren’t paying for CLE in years you don’t need it. We even give your law firm your own branded website customized to your firm so that you can be assured you are in the right place. With the simplest no contract required signup, your firm can add and remove attorneys as much as needed and not saddled with per seat licenses like the other providers offer. You can even assign an Admin user who can track your firm’s CLE.

Please have your firm’s decision maker give us a call or start a chat and we will be happy to provide you with all the Teams by Attorney Credits information you will need.

Attorneys using Teams have access to our entire course catalog and can complete courses for multiple states at no additional cost. Certificates are issued immediately upon course completion, and we even automatically report to your state if required.

With our exclusive Teams pricing, no contract easy sign up, and complete user flexibility, getting your firm signed up for Teams is the best decision you will make.