Oregon CLE Deadline Midnight April 30

Oregon attorneys are required to complete 45 CLE credits in each 3-year reporting period. Of the 45 CLE credit hours, a minimum of 5 ethics hours, 1 elder and child abuse reporting hour, 1 mental health hour are required in each compliance cycle, and 3 access to justice hours are required in alternate reporting periods.

Oregon attorneys can login to the Oregon Bars’s website by going to: hello.osbar.org to check their requirements, reporting period, transcript and even add attended courses. All Attorney Credits Oregon courses have been pre-approved for Oregon CLE credit, and you will be given the Oregon Course Number once you complete a course. You can find the Oregon Course Numbers on the Completed Courses & Certificates page and on your certificates from within your Attorney Credits account.

The Oregon CLE compliance deadline is April 30 and the deadline to report is May 31 of your reporting compliance year. Attorney Credits reports completed attendance to Oregon every week on Thursday. Please give the Oregon system until Monday of the following week to show that your courses were reported. We recommend that you check your transcript to confirm that your credits were properly reported. If you notice an issue, please let us know within 30 days of course completion (but remember it can take until the following Monday for them to show up).

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