New Jersey CLE Requirements Explained

Do You Know Your 2023 New Jersey CLE Requirements?

Any attorneys who are in good standing, regardless of whether the attorney is practicing in New Jersey is required to comply with NJ continuing legal education (CLE). New Jersey has a two-year compliance cycle, and each attorney is placed into a compliance group based on their birth month. Compliance Group 1, those born from January 1 through June 30, are required to certify compliance in even-numbered years and Compliance Group 2, those born from July 1 through December 31, are required to certify compliance in odd-numbered years.

As of January 2021, the New Jersey CLE requirement is a total of 24 CLE credit hours every two years. Of the 24, a minimum of 3 credit hours in ethics or professional, and a minimum of 2 credit hours focused on diversity, inclusion and elimination of bias are required each two-year cycle.

New Jersey’s compliance groups can be confusing, so let us explain when you are required to complete your CLE and report. Notice above that Group 1 reports in even years. This means that if you are a Group 1 attorney you must complete your CLE by December 31 in odd years, and report during the following January (even year) registration process. The same is true for Group 2. Group 2 attorneys must complete their CLE by December 31 in even years, and report during the following January (odd year) registration process.

Once you complete your NJ CLE you will certify compliance on the Annual Attorney Registration and Billing Statement. New Jersey is a self-reporting state, so Attorney Credits does not report your CLE completion to the State of New Jersey.

New Jersey is a 50-minute state so you will notice that all Attorney Credits New Jersey 1-hour courses (which are 60 minutes) count as 1.2 credit hours. Attorney Credits is a New Jersey Approved Provider. Our provider number is 703 and you can use the previous link and select Attorney Credits from the Provider drop down menu. Make sure to change the Course Format Type to “All Formats” or “All Distance Format” before you click Search to find our listings on NJ’s website.

Attorney Credits has various affordable NJ CLE Compliance Bundles for you to choose from. We even have our own New Jersey FAQ with common questions. Unlimited Credits is very popular with New Jersey attorneys, especially our Lifetime Unlimited Plan.

If you have any questions about your New Jersey CLE requirements, want help with a NJ CLE purchase, or questions about your Attorney Credits account, don’t hesitate to start a chat from our website, or give us a call at 760-434-1885 (Monday – Friday 8 AM PT – 4 PM PT).