Evidence 101: Relevance

Presented by renowned CLE presenter & seasoned trial attorney Michael DeBlis III, this is the first part of a four-part series that focuses on one of the trickiest & most important areas of law for trial attorneys – the Federal Rules of Evidence.

What Tony Soprano Can Teach You About Evidence

Mike provides numerous memorable hypotheticals with colorful characters so you can think fast on your feet in the courtroom and practically apply the rules to your advantage, both before and during trial.

Evidence Will Make or Break Your Case

Judges apply the rules of evidence to determine whether to admit or exclude physical evidence, oral testimony & exhibits, and if admitted the jury decides how much weight to afford the evidence. As a starting point, the rules of evidence permit only relevant and trustworthy evidence to be make it in front of the jury. This CLE will focus on specific problems involving logical relevance, character evidence in civil cases and character evidence in criminal cases. To access the course please click here: Evidence 101: Relevance Part 1.

Additional Evidence CLE Topics:

* Direct evidence vs. circumstantial evidence

* Logical and discretionary or policy-based relevance

* Similar occurrences

* Prior accidents or claims

* Intent/state of mind

* Habit evidence

* Subsequent remedial measures

* Settlements

* Determining the purpose for which the evidence is being offered

* Specific acts of conduct

* Opinion (personal opinion)

* Reputation in the community

* Admissibility

* Bad character in criminal cases

Michael DeBlis III, Esq., Trial Lawyer, Actor, Author

Michael is a partner in the boutique law firm of DeBlis Law where he specializes in tax compliance and entertainment law. As a former public defender, he has spent nearly eight years cutting his teeth on some of the most serious felony cases to pass through the state courts of New Jersey.

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