Conflicts of interest continue to ethically ensnare attorneys and firms – especially with increasingly more lawyers changing firms these days. Conflicts can cost you and your firm millions and lead to embarrassing publicity if you happen to get disqualified from a case due to this all too common ethical trap.

Conflicts Remain an Ethical  Trap

Recognizing conflicts at the outset of the representation is key to avoiding ethical headaches and disqualification. Properly deploying conflict software, conflict waivers and engagement letters can prevent many potential problems.

Unfortunately, there is no magical formula for avoiding conflicts because they can take many forms are still remain difficult to identify – even for experienced attorneys and well-established firms. In this CLE course, malpractice attorney William McCaffery lays out the ethical framework regarding conflicts of interest, analyzes instructive case examples and provides practical tips for avoiding ethical violations & disqualification. To access the course click here:  Avoiding Ethical Conflicts of Interest.

These topics are also covered:

* Erroring on the side of caution

* Conflicts & current clients

* Duties to former clients

* Imputed disqualification

* Rules for government officers & employees

* Dealing with organizations

* Duties to potential clients

* Maintaining routine conflict procedures

* Using conflict waivers

* What to include in the engagement letter

William T. McCaffery concentrates in the areas of legal malpractice defense, professional liability, commercial litigation, and general liability defense. He represents attorneys and law firms that have been sued for legal malpractice in cases ranging from real estate and personal injury matters to complex business transactions and commercial litigation.

This CLE course is offered in the following states:

* Alaska (AK)

* Arizona (AZ)

* California (CA)

* Connecticut (CT)

* District of Columbia (DC)

* Illinois (IL)

* Maryland (MD)

* Massachusetts (MA)

* Michigan (MI)

* Missouri (MO)

* New Hampshire (NH)

* New Jersey (NJ)

* New York (NY)

* North Dakota (ND)

* Pennsylvania (PA)

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