Evidence 101: Relevance & Competence  

Presented by renowned CLE presenter & seasoned trial attorney Michael DeBlis III, this second part of a four-part series continues to focuses on one of the most challenging & crucial areas of law for trial attorneys – the Federal Rules of Evidence and its application in the courtroom.

Mike DeBlis on Evidence

In this installment of Mike’s comprehensive Evidence series, he finishes discussing relevance, covers competence and begins discussing witness & testimonial evidence.

Evidence Will Make or Break Your Case

The main topics covered will be: character evidence in criminal cases, tips for approaching MIMIC evidence, writings & the Best Evidence Rule (BER), competency and lay opinion testimony & expert opinion testimony. To access the course please click here: Evidence 101: Relevance (and Competence) Part 2.

Evidence, Relevance & Competence CLE Topics:

* The victim’s character in self-defense & sexual misconduct cases

* Specific instances of prior misconduct by the accused

* MIMIC Evidence (Motive, Intent, Modus Operandi, Identity, Common Plan)

* The definition of a ‘writing’

* Legally operative documents

* The approach for analyzing a BER question

* Public records

* Voluminous documents

* Duplicates

* FRE 601

* The Minimum Competency Test

* Personal knowledge & oath

* Leading questions

* Witness use of writings in aid of testimony

* Refreshing recollection

* Recorded recollection

* Admissibility & scope of lay opinion testimony

* The 4 requirements for expert opinion

* Learned treatises

Michael DeBlis III, Esq., Trial Lawyer, Actor, Author

Michael is a partner in the boutique law firm of DeBlis Law where he specializes in tax compliance and entertainment law. As a former public defender, he has spent nearly eight years cutting his teeth on some of the most serious felony cases to pass through the state courts of New Jersey.

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