The Difficulty Of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) For Your Organization

Does your law firm or business have problems delivering and reporting your firm’s in-house CLE? Most organizations don’t have a system to deliver, monitor, or report CLE effectively to their attorneys and the states. Your job may be the practice of law, or being an expert witness, not making sure that some other associate whose main job isn’t CLE gets certificates delivered, and states notified. If this common scenario sounds like something happening at your organization, Attorney Credits has the solution you have been looking for.

If offering CLE to attorneys and customers is a crucial part of your organization’s business plan but you don’t have the means to have a fulltime CLE coordinator, you should consider outsourcing CLE accreditation and reporting to Attorney Credits.

Attorney Credits, a nationwide CLE provider that has delivered millions of courses to attorneys, has the expertise and experience to accredit your courses, maintain records, and report attendance to the required states.

Attorney Credits can manage everything from your CLE accreditation, course delivery and tracking, issuance of certificates, and state reporting. If your organization lacks the manpower, expertise, and software to effectively deliver CLE, please contact us and we can get you on the proper path to hassle free CLE.