In December 2006, the Texas Supreme Court gave the insurance industry a generous Christmas present when it handed down a trio of cases that (perhaps unwittingly) dramatically altered the landscape of uninsured motorist claims. The result of this trio of cases – lots of uncertainty when it comes to handling uninsured motorist claims.

TX CLE on Uninsured Motorist Claims

Join experienced Texas attorney Brooks Schuelke for a great overview of handling Uninsured Motorist Claims in Texas.  This CLE course is a great overview for Texas attorneys.

If you need some help understanding this area of law, join Austin attorney Brooks Schuelke as he details the basics of uninsured motorist coverage & claims, how to make a claim after the insurance company denies it and how to proceed with the lawsuit. To access the course please click here: Uninsured Motorist Claims – Nuts and Bolts.

Brooks will cover the following topics in detail:

* Who is covered

* Consent issues

* Stacking issues

* The hit and run rule

* The cause of action

* Extra-contractual claims

* Venue

* Severance and abatement

* Corporate representation

* The deposition

* What you have to prove at trial

Brooks has been a trial lawyer since 1995. His practice has focused on the representation of individuals and small businesses injured by others. His practice includes personal injury litigation and legal malpractice litigation. For more information about CLE in Texas please click here: TX CLE.