New Hampshire CLE May 31 Deadline Approaching

The New Hampshire CLE compliance cycle deadline is fast approaching. The New Hampshire CLE compliance cycle is June 1 – May 31. New Hampshire attorneys have until July 1 to report any CLE completed during their two-year cycle.

The New Hampshire CLE requirement is 12 credit hours, of which a minimum of two hours must qualify as ethics/professionalism credit hours. New Hampshire counts their CLE by minutes, so if you are counting, 720 minutes. The great thing about Attorney Credits is that our 1-hour CLE courses are always 60 minutes long (we try to get within a few seconds of just over 60 minutes so that you don’t waste your time).

Any active, limited active, military active, or honorary active attorney in New Hampshire for at least 6 months are required to comply with SC Rule 53, unless you qualify as exempt. Attorney Credits New Hampshire courses qualify for New Hampshire CLE credit under Rule 53. Since 2014, New Hampshire does not approve CLE courses. If New Hampshire doesn’t approve CLE courses, how do I know your courses are good for CLE credit? Great question! Attorney Credits is a nationwide CLE provider that offers CLE in 49 states plus D.C. and Puerto Rico, issuing over 3 million CLE credit hours to attorneys over the past nearly 20 years. New Hampshire has a guideline for what kind of activities count toward CLE. There are several requirements, such as they must have practical content, have attorneys as the primary audience, include a certificate, be law related, etc. Since we are a nationwide CLE provider, and have been doing this for a long time, we know the rules for New Hampshire and make sure that all our courses that we offer for CLE credit in NH will count toward your CLE credit.

Once you complete your CLE, you are required to self-report to New Hampshire using ART.

To see specific New Hampshire CLE requirements, please check out our NH CLE State Requirements page. Browse our New Hampshire CLE courses here. If you need your full New Hampshire CLE requirement, check out our 12 credit hour NH CLE Compliance Bundles.

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