Murder-for-hire in Malibu, illicit payments, strippers & suitcases full of cash, hidden assets in the Cayman Islands, collusion, extortion & racketeering… Las Vegas mobsters – or just another Tuesday for an amateur sports agents?

Pirates, Cowboys & Hooligans: Sordid Tales of Sports Laws

To say that sports agency is as hyper-competitive as Michael Jordan during a game of H-O-R-S-E… is an understatement. From free groceries to flashy sports cars – sports lore is chock-full of tales of agents breaking laws and behaving badly.

Applying these stories – some that are stranger than fiction – lawyers can show their clients concrete examples of the penalties for crossing the ethical and fiduciary bright-line rules in pursuit of that BIG commission. In addition to handling the art of contract negotiations, agents must also navigate the many landmines associated with endorsement contracts with California and Florida lead the push for amateur athletes to be compensated for their name, likeness and image – especially when used in lucrative sports video games. Click here to access the course: Pirates, Cowboys and Hooligans: Athlete Agency Law.

Brian will mainly cover:

Athlete/Agent Regulations

Miller-Ayala Act


Key contract terms

Contract Negotiations

NFLPA Contract Advisor Agreement  

SB 206

Name, Likeness + Image (NIL)



Public Disclosure


Brian Brunkow is a Seattle-area lawyer focused on negotiations and dispute resolution. In addition, he teaches lawyers about NCAA compliance & sports agency law and speaks at West Coast coaching clinics on student-athlete development.

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