Attorneys & Mental Wellness

When is too much of a good thing… eating a great meal and getting in a good sweat at the gym are healthy, essential parts of many of our lives. But when there is never enough,  it may be considered part of a compulsive, addictive or disordered behavior.

Eating, Sex and Exercise Disorders for Attorneys

As the Education and Outreach Coordinator for Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, Brian Quinn has seen a significant increase in a number of disorders amongst attorneys during the pandemic – from compulsive sexual behavior disorder to anorexia.

In this eye-opening CLE, Brian Quinn will focus on symptoms, causes, early warning signs, physical & social impacts, easy well-being strategies for attorneys that work, barriers that prevent lawyers & judges from seeking help and a giving yourself a chance for success. To access the course please click here: When Enough Isn’t Enough: Eating, Sex and Exercise Disorders.

Further Topics Discussed in this CLE:

* Anorexia Nervosa​

* Bulimia

* Binge Eating​

* Orthorexia

* Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID)


* Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder (CSBD)

* Compulsive Exercise Disorder

Brian S. Quinn of LCL

Prior to working for Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers (LCL), Brian S. Quinn was a sole practitioner for nearly 40 years and has also worked in the field of Alcohol and Drug Counseling at Mirmont Treatment Center and Malvern Institute in suburban Philadelphia.

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