NC CLE: File Your CLE Annual Report By February 28

North Carolina attorneys did you REPORT your CLE compliance yet??? Please note that Wednesday, February 28, 2018, is the deadline to return the 2017 Annual Report Form and fulfill your reporting obligation. You can file your Annual Report form online at OR you can download the form and mail it in.[1]

North Carolina CLE Reporting Deadline

File your 2017 Annual CLE Report Form by February 28.

If you did not complete your 12 required CLE hours for 2017, the North Carolina State Bar requires that you still file the Annual Report form.[2] All forms must be postmarked or filed electronically by 2/28 to avoid a $75 late-filing fee. For more information about North Carolina CLE please click here: NC CLE.

[1] If you choose to file the form electronically, you will not be required to submit a hard copy.

[2] The reporting requirement is a separate obligation from completing the 12 required hours and the report serves as your record of the CLE courses that you completed in 2017.