What are synthetic cannabinoids and how do they compare with marijuana? How do the sources of marijuana (edibles, oils, “joints”) differ in potency and effects on the body? And what the heck is Spice-Ophrenia??

Marijuana: How High is Too High

As more states legalize recreational use, attorneys around the country are encountering more cases involving marijuana and synthetic cannabinoids. A toxicologist for over two decades, Dr. Allison Muller works with attorneys across the country on cases that involve drug or alcohol issues.

Dr. Allison A. Muller, Pharm.D, frequently consults with attorneys and provides expert witness testimony in cases involving marijuana and synthetic cannabinoids. Attorneys that complete this course will: learn the scientific name of the parent marijuana compound & two metabolites, cite two differences between marijuana & synthetic cannabinoids, identify one similarity between marijuana & synthetic cannabinoids and provide one reason why determining impairment is challenging. To access the course please click here: How High is Too High: Marijuana and Synthetic Cannabinoids for Attorneys.

Also Addressed:

* Cannabidiol (CBD)

* Nomenclature

* Marijuana  metabolite detection

* THC testing in blood & urine

* THC effects on the body

* THC driving-impairment

* Toxicology testing & synthetic cannabinoids

* Withdrawal syndromes

* Spice-Ophrenia

Dr. Muller is a board-certified toxicologist, fellow of the American Academy of Clinical Toxicology, and registered pharmacist with over 20 years’ experience in the field of clinical toxicology.

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