The true masters of the courtroom know how to seduce, influence and persuade while weaving a compelling narrative to present their client’s story to the jury.

Surviving the Gauntlet Known as Trial

Trial as the ultimate performance art – where human conflict, archetypes & universal truths provide the greatest theatre.

From psychological techniques & mental hacks to embracing the stress & being a magnetic leader, Jennifer B. Gardner shares her most poignant courtroom experiences to help you conquer the gauntlet known as trial. Jennifer will mainly provide insights into: persuasion fundamentals, storytelling basics, crafting a compelling narrative, leading &  influencing the jury, winning the mental game of trial, mindset hacks and tech tips for maximizing your creativity & productivity. To access the course please click here: Influence, Persuade and Lead: Seducing The Jury and Surviving the Gauntlet Known as Trial.

Additional Avenues of Thought:

* From lawyer & advocate to leader

* New ways of thinking about an old profession

* The neuroscience of decision making

* Becoming a charismatic leader

*  Visualization

* Projecting with your heart

* Thinking on your feet

* And breathing

Jennifer B. Gardner has served clients in criminal and civil legal disputes since 1987 as a trial lawyer in Los Angeles since 1992. A proud graduate of the Trial Lawyers College, Jennifer is also a writer, a speaker and magnetic courtroom presence.

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