Georgia attorneys are required to complete 12 GA CLE hours each year to complete the Georgia CLE requirement.[1]  The deadline to complete the required 12 GA CLE credit hours is December 31 and the reporting deadline was January 31.  We are now into mid-February – did you miss the GA CLE deadline??

Late GA CLE Compliance

A $100 penalty fee is required if the Georgia CLE hours for the preceding year are not completed by March 31.

If you did miss the December 31 Georgia CLE deadline… no problem!  However, you do have some work to do and it’s time to get busy completing that required GA CLE.[3]  All required GA CLE hours must be completed by March 31 to avoid fines and suspension.  We can get you help compliant, just click here: GA CLE.

[1] Of the 12 required hours, you must complete at least 1 credit hour of legal ethics and 1 credit hour of professionalism.

[2] In January or early February of each year, an Annual Report of CLE hours for the previous calendar year is sent to all Georgia attorneys unless an exemption has already been entered. If you did not complete the required GA CLE or you owe a course fee that is listed on the Annual Report, then you have until March 31 to satisfy the GA CLE deficiency.