December CLE Deadline States

Are you an attorney in any of these states? If so, your CLE deadline is at the end of this month! Don’t wait, sign up for an Attorney Credits State Compliance Bundle now.


Attorneys in Alabama can complete 6 of their required 12 CLE credit hours with Attorney Credits. Find our Alabama CLE compliance bundles here.


Attorneys in the largest state can complete all 12 Alaska CLE online. If you still need to complete your Alaska CLE, browse on over to our website and you will find our Alaska CLE Compliance Bundles here.


Colorado attorneys can complete all 45 required CLE with us. Click here to find our CO CLE Bundles.


If you are a Connecticut attorney you must complete 12 CLE a year, which you can easily do with Attorney Credits Connecticut CLE Bundles.


Delaware attorneys can complete half of their 24 required CLE credits online with Attorney Credits. Browse here to find our Delaware CLE Bundles.


Complete all 12 of your Georgia CLE requirements with Attorney Credits. You can find our affordable Georgia State Compliance Bundles here.


Hawaii attorneys are only required to complete 3 CLE’s per year. Click the link to find our awesome Hawaii CLE bundles.


Attorneys who practice in Iowa can complete all 15 required CLE with Attorney Credits. We recommend checking out our Iowa Premiere Bundle.


Every three years Indiana attorneys need 36 CLE hours. Luckily for you, Attorney Credits has 36-hour compliance bundles that are affordable and easy to use. Check out our Indiana CLE Bundles here.


Attorneys from Louisiana can only complete 4 of their required 12.5 CLE with Attorney Credits. Yes, we are sad about that too! Browse our 4 credit hour Louisiana CLE Bundles by clicking here.


Don’t get caught out if you practice in Maine. Attorney Credits has 5 credit hour CLE bundles. Unfortunately, you can only take 5 of the required 12 CLE hours online with Attorney Credits. Still need some hard-to-get Maine CLE, browse here.

North Carolina

Last chance for North Carolina’s one year compliance cycle is this December. Starting next year North Carolina moves to a two year compliance cycle. In the meantime, complete all 12 North Carolina CLE with one of your wonderful North Carolina CLE Compliance Bundles.


Nebraska attorneys can take 5 of the required 10 CLE online. Last chance is now, find our Nebraska CLE Bundles by clicking here.

New Jersey

For a small state, we do a ton of New Jersey CLE. Complete all 24 of your required New Jersey CLE with Attorney Credits. We have numerous New Jersey CLE bundles for you to choose from here.

New Mexico

Attorneys from the 47th state, New Mexico, can complete 4 of their required CLE with Attorney Credits. Browse here to find our New Mexico CLE bundles.


Have you recovered from F1 and ready for CLE Nevada? Don’t gamble with your license, sign up for one of our affordable Nevada CLE Bundles.


Since 2022 Ohio attorneys can complete all 24 CLE online. If your December Ohio CLE deadline is coming up, try our Ohio CLE Bundles for easy and affordable continuing legal education.


All 15 Tennessee CLE credits can be taken online with Attorney Credits. You can find our selection of Tennessee CLE Bundles are our website here.


Washington attorneys need a whopping 45 credit hours. Luckily you get three years to complete them. Did you wait 35 months to get started? No worries, we have 45 credit hour Washington CLE bundles ready to go.


Last in line with a December deadline is Wyoming. Wyoming attorneys are limited to 8 of the required 15 WY CLE’s online with Attorney Credits. Don’t miss your deadline, buy a Wyoming CLE Bundle today.