As the “practice” of law has become increasingly more complex, so has the practical application of the ethics rules. Craig S. Brodsky defends lawyers in disciplinary actions and he has tried numerous cases against Bar Counsel. Well-versed in the unique challenges confronting attorneys under investigation, he discusses safety nets you can deploy to avoid getting that unwanted letter from Bar Counsel.

A Unique Ethical Perspective

Springing from his experience in front of Bar Counsel, Craig will provide you a unique understanding of the prosecutorial tactics and challenges confronting attorneys when defending themselves.

Craig will mainly explain why you need the right insurance, the importance of teaching employees, using approved retainer agreements, handling client funds appropriately and how to properly respond to Bar Counsel in a disciplinary proceedings. Craig will also provide numerous practical solutions & suggestions so you can set up safety nets at your firm to avoid ethical pitfalls. To access the course please click here: Ethics Traps for the Unwary.

Ethical Rules Discussed:

* Model Rule 5.3(a): Responsibilities Regarding Nonlawyers

* Model Rule 1.5: Reasonable Fees

* Model Rule 1.15: Safekeeping Client Property

* Model Rule 8.1: Disciplinary Proceedings

* Rule 10: Types of Sanctions

A partner with Goodell DeVries, Craig Brodsky has provided practical solutions for professionals and organizations in today’s evolving business environment for 25 years. Craig vigorously defends professionals in malpractice matters, licensing proceedings, health care litigation, and products liability litigation.

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