Robust Public Discussion & Free Speech: The FIRST Amendment

The Founding Fathers thought so highly of robust public discussion, they added the freedom of speech to the First Amendment to the Constitution – right after the freedom of religion. Unfortunately, many colleges do not place this same value on the right to free speech.

(Not So) Free Speech on College Campuses

One junior college student was barred from passing out pocket Constitutions on Constitution Day. Emory University told students they can’t hang Christmas decorations. And Syracuse University charged a student orientation leader with hazing & suspended her – because she helped organize an optional campus scavenger hunt.

The State of Free Speech on College & University Campuses

There are countless tales of colleges impermissibly chilling speech on campus and punishing students for legally exercising their free speech rights. In this CLE, Zach Greenberg will mainly cover: hate speech vs. free speech, the more speech approach, college standards & regulations, speech codes and free speech zones.  Zach will also discuss numerous case examples where colleges overstepped their bounds and trampled on student’s First Amendment rights.  To access the course please click here: Free Speech on Campus.

Additional free speech CLE topics:

* Public vs. private colleges

* Harassment policies

* The “true threat” standard

* Thought reform at the University of Delaware

* Dealing with hateful speech

Zach Greenberg, Esq. – First Amendment Attorney & Campus Rights Advocate

A native New Yorker, Zach graduated from Binghamton University in 2013 and Syracuse Law in 2016. Zach developed an appreciation for free speech while leading the College Libertarians and the Federalist Society.

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