12.5 Hours of On-Demand Participatory CA CLE Credit

Yes!!  California attorneys can take all 25 required CA CLEs online through on-demand CA MCLE courses.  And YES, this includes the 12.5 required hours of participatory CA CLE credit.

25 Hours of Required CA MCLE Credit

California attorneys may complete all 25 hours via streaming on-demand CLE including video + audio, in addition to downloadable audio and video. This includes all legal ethics, bias and competence issues CLE courses.

Participatory CA CLE On-Demand Courses

For online CLE courses, “participatory” means that we monitor your participation – which we do for online streaming video and downloadable courses. California attorneys with last names A-G must complete the required 25 California MCLE hours and by February 1, 2022. For more information please click here: CA CLE.