CA CLE: Can I Take Online and Downloadable Video for Participatory MCLE Credit in California?

Yes you can!  California attorneys can take all 12.5 required CLE participatory hours online – and downloadable audio and video – including all legal ethics, bias and competence issues. For online CLE courses, “participatory” means that we monitor your attendance – which we do.[1]

CA MCLE – Participatory Credit

  • Online video – click randomly inserted verification prompts
  • Downloadable audio & video – number code verification

The next group up for MCLE compliance in California is Compliance Group . Attorneys with last names A-G must complete the California MCLE requirement and report compliance by February 1, 2019.  For more information please click here: CA CLE.

[1] For online streaming video courses you must click on randomly inserted pop ups during the video to confirm that you are viewing the course. For downloadable audio & video and CD courses we have embedded numeric codes in the courses. You must write these numbers down and then after you complete the course you must enter the codes on the website to obtain your course certificate.