Attorney Credits’ Teams Provides CLE Savings for Law Firms and Groups

Sign Up Your Law Firm for CLE with Teams by Attorney Credits

Have you ever wanted a simple, affordable way to get CLE for all your firm’s CLE? If you have been struggling to find an all in one, custom, and affordable solution for your law firm’s continuing legal education needs, look no further than Teams by Attorney Credits.

We created Teams several years ago to reduce the cost and time needed to manage your CLE requirements. Our hosted learning platform delivers the highest quality CLE experience that allows you to easily manage and provide pre-approved CLE to all your lawyers. Best of all, you get a customized CLE website just for your law firm. Your website is unique to your law firm, for example, and has your firm’s logo so your lawyers know they are at the right place.

Features include: the ability to take as many credits as they need, multi-state certificates, online and offline course options, instant certificates, automated state reporting, a CLE administrator account, and full customer support.

With exclusive discount pricing for Teams, your law firm will save money over each attorney purchasing CLE on their own. We even make it easy to add and remove users as you need, so you can grow, or streamline based on your firm’s growth.

Your custom CLE website is easy to start, with no contracts, and we can have your entire firm up and running by next business day. With no annual billing to worry about, you can keep your CLE costs low by adding CLE credits whenever you run low.

Teams by Attorney Credits is the best deal for law firms! Send us an email or give us a call at 760-434-1885 today for more information.